It’s that time of year again when business owners from all over are scrambling to make any last minute purchases they can to lighten the tax burden for 2012. One of the things many tax-savvy businesses do is purchase new office and computer equipment that will be needed within the next few months NOW so they can deduct the expense on the current year’s taxes. But if you’re planning to upgrade your server, here are 4 things you might want to look into before making any decisions:

  1. Cloud computing. Cloud technologies are far beyond “hype.” They offer real, tangible benefits to businesses, including improved disaster recovery and backup, easier access to data remotely, reduced IT complexities, fewer problems and, in many cases, a cost savings because you don’t have to buy a server and keep it in your office closet anymore. Cloud is definitely not a right fit for everyone, but you should at least consider this as one of your options.
  2. HaaS. In case you haven’t heard enough acronyms in the IT industry, let me give you one more: HaaS, or “hardware as a service.” Simply, HaaS is an option to “rent” hardware on a low monthly basis instead of purchasing it outright. This eliminates the hefty cash drain for a network upgrade and allows you to pay for hardware as a service. It also puts the burden of repair and replacement on the shoulders of your IT company (us) to keep your equipment up and running. You do end up paying more in the long run (as you would if you leased a car or bought a house on payments) but the ease on cash flow makes this a better option for some people.
  3. Windows 8. Microsoft’s latest operating system is making headlines with its completely new look and feel. Windows 8 is a completely different experience from previous versions of Windows. I highly recommend becoming educated on the operating system prior to upgrading. Contact us at 888-963-6535 for more information.
  4. Don’t forget to upgrade before the year ends!! Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code allows a business to deduct the full purchase price of financed or leased equipment, off-the-shelf software, and other business materials for the current year.. However, the biggest thing is that the equipment and software must be placed into service before December 31 stin order to qualify. So if you want to take
    advantage of this, you need to act fast! For more information visit: