The cloud has changed the way we do business and allows contemporary small enterprises to connect better with customers, innovate more rapidly, and access customers all over the world. Organizations are moving more and more of their business operations to cloud-based platforms in a bid to take advantage of the speed, flexibility, and engagement opportunities these applications offer.

But what exactly do you stand to gain from embracing the cloud?


The cloud is helping businesses to bring new products and services to market much faster than ever before. As opposed to internal budgets and red tape to get a project prioritized, more and more organizations are turning their attention to the cloud to get things done.

Enhanced customer insights and engagement

Data is big business in the contemporary business world, and an estimated 54% of the world’s top firms use big data to market, target, and retarget their products and services. The cloud is offering SMBs an ideal mechanism by which it is possible to connect more closely with customers to understand their behaviors and what they need.

An evolving and flexible system

Using the cloud is far from an all-or-nothing investment. In fact, the majority of cloud-based service providers allow you to scale your usage in accordance with your business needs. If your data storage needs start off small, for example, you can secure a suitable plan for what bandwidth you will actually consume and then gradually upgrade the plan as your needs change. This means you can avoid large initial capital investments and simply pay a monthly fee that is aligned with your consumption. Likewise, you can access many of the latest software applications without committing to a large upfront purchase. If you find the software isn’t what you hoped for or a better offering is introduced to the market, you can end your subscription and take your business elsewhere.

The cloud is a game changer that now provides small and medium businesses with an opportunity to compete with the big guys. If you’re not taking advantage of what the cloud has to offer, you really should be.