Getting fit is going high-tech these days, with new gadgets that are actually cool to wear instead of looking like the beeping hunks of junk your grandma wears when mall walking. Plus, they’re going very social with online workouts and apps that track your progress and allow you to compete against your friends. Here are four new high-tech gadgets that may help you get in beach-body shape by spring:

  1. Nike+ FuelBand. This new wristband tracks your activity throughout the day and converts it to a metric of activity. Using their mobile or online app, you can set a goal for each day and then work to beat it. At $149, it’s cheaper than a personal trainer. We think this is Nike’s answer to the Fitbit, which comes next on our list.
  2. Fitbit Ultra. The Fitbit is an altimeter, which can track how many hills or stairs you’ve climbed, and a motion sensor to track calories and activity levels throughout the day. If you
    love charts and graphs, you’ll love the Fitbit.
  3. GymBoss. This tiny clip-on interval trainer is the lowesttech item in this list, but may be the best at getting you to lose those last stubborn pounds by doing short, highintensity intervals. If you want a free workout to follow that uses the GymBoss, check out Warning! These workouts are not for the faint of heart!
  4. Endomondo Sports Tracker. This is a great option for those of you who are all tapped out from holiday shopping. Endomondo is an app that you can download for free to your phone to track miles running, cycling or in other sports using your phone’s GPS. You can make any workout a race against your friends or against your own personal best.