Question: Is the Google ChromeCast Ultra Really Worth the Price Tag?

 Answer: Google recently announced the launch of Chromecast Ultra, the next in line after Chromecast 2 in its range of media streaming dongles. But is it worth the price tag?

While both devices are aesthetically very similar from a design perspective, Chromecast Ultra certainly offers some features that are not available on Chromecast 2, including 4K streaming, HDR video, and an Ethernet port. However, many consumers are rightly questioning if this additional technology is sufficient to justify the $69 (USD) price increase between the Ultra and the previous iteration of the Chromecast.

There is no doubt that the Chromecast Ultra offers a clear improvement on the Chromecast 2 in terms of connectivity. The device’s dedicated Ethernet port means it can stream content at much faster speeds, which will be of particular importance given the dongle’s ability to stream 4K video content.

According to Google, the Ultra is also 1.8 times faster than the Chromecast 2. While the specific details of how they have achieved this remain unknown, users can expect the Ultra to pack a much weightier punch when it comes to computing power.

Aside from these differences, there really is not much more to separate the Chromecast 2 from the Chromecast Ultra. That said, if you are planning on buying a 4k-capable digital media player in the near future, the Chromecast Ultra could very well be worth the additional price premium. However, if you have no such plans, there really is not much point in paying up for the 4K functionality if you have no means of supporting it. If you’re using a 1080p or 720p, stick with the Chromecast 2.