IRS Warns of Tax Preparer’s Scam

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has warned tax professionals and payers to be vigilant amid a new wave of scams. As the 2017 tax season comes to a close, a new scam has emerged in which thieves send an email posing as the taxpayer and instruct the preparer to make a last-minute update to the refund destination.

The IRS has urged tax preparers to carefully verify any client instructions requesting to change refund account details and to verbally confirm all instructions of this nature. The IRS has also informed preparers of the need to ensure their security systems are robust and email accounts and data storage systems are fully protected.

If you receive any suspicious emails, forward them immediately to Don’t be tempted to open any links or attachments that are from an unknown source and always remember that the IRS never sends unsolicited emails that request taxpayers or preparers to share sensitive information via email.

Mac to Surface Transfer Set to Make Migration Easier

Microsoft’s latest tool will make it even easier for users who are looking to ditch the Mac in favor of its Surface devices. The Mac to Surface Assistant is incredibly easy to use and guides users through the process of downloading all the data from Mac devices before uploading it to a second device.

The Mac to Surface Transfer involves very basic technology that isn’t exactly groundbreaking; in fact, users can easily transfer content from Mac to Surface without the need for an additional tool. However, this may just provide that extra little bit of motivation for users who want to migrate from Mac to Surface with minimal effort.

Go Pro Axes Even More Jobs

GoPro’s woes are certainly not nearing an end, with the company announcing that it will cut an additional 270 jobs in 2017. In combination with the 100 cuts announced in January 2016 and 200 in November last year, the total job losses represent a significant proportion of the company’s workforce.