I.T. Responsive serves companies all over the world. What does this look like for your business?

Small Business

Between 5 and 100 users without any dedicated IT staff or minimal internal support. Sometimes with branch offices or remote sales people.

I.T. Responsive can be a complete solution using our Responsive Care services. Flat fee 24/7 support that is customized for your business. ITR becomes your IT department and can support all of your company’s needs.


Between 150 and 500 users. Usually with multiple locations and a remote sales force. Usually a combination of local and data center or local and cloud infrastructure. Dedicated internal IT staff.

I.T. Responsive can offer customizable solutions that include monitoring, asset management, remote control, patch management and a ticketing solution to assist internal IT. We can also integrate with your existing solution. I.T. Responsive can become your level 2 or level 3 escalation services depending on your internal staff capability. ITR offers training on IT processes and full knowledge transfer for internal resources.


500 or more users across multiple locations. Sometimes spread across multiple continents with distributed networking and 24/7 uptime requirements. Extensive internal IT staff with C level representation.

I.T. Responsive can be a branch of your internal IT staff integrating with your internal systems and offering guidance for IT processes and management. ITR can become an additional resource for technology planning to further business initiatives and assist in implementing large IT projects. ITR can offer staff augmentation or project management services to assist your internal staff to plan and implement IT projects.

We find that we are most effective with clients who:

  • Are willing to make an investment in business technology to improve communication and do away with manual tasks in their Communication Network Infrastructure.
  • Settle for nothing but reliability and security with their IT Support Services for their companies’ computer networks. ITR can offer procurement services to purchase technology solutions at a discounted price.
  • Understand technology to be an effective method for boosting productivity and gaining competitive advantages.
  • Want an advisor they can trust as their technology partner to help them be more profitable and productive through professional network and IT support.

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