Windows 10 CreatorAfter a few false starts and plenty of beta releases, Windows 10 Creators Update has finally gone live.

According to a blog post that was published in early April, Microsoft disclosed that PC users could update the Windows 10 Creators Update manually in advance of the official go-live date.

If you want to get your hands on the latest release a little early, here’s how.

If you haven’t already done so, download and install the latest Update Assistant. You will need this to manually request the update from Microsoft and install the download without issues. If you have yet to install the Update Assistant, visit the blog post in which Microsoft announced the early availability of the Creators Update, and look for the "Update Assistant" link. This is a direct download link, so once you click on it, your download will start promptly.

If you want to download and install the Windows 10 Creators update without receiving build updates in the run up to the formal release, simply visit the settings area and select the option to stop receiving Insider updates. When you do this,

you’ll be prompted to specify whether you wish to receive builds until the next Windows release, if you select this option, you will automatically receive cumulative updates until the final roll out. After that, you will only receive the stable updates. Now may be a good time to stop receiving build updates because Microsoft has openly disclosed that future Insider builds may contain higher numbers of bugs than usual.

If you’re familiar with the latest feature offerings in the Creators Update, you won’t be particularly awe-inspired by the latest patch. However, some of the features that should attract some interest are the ability to perform 3D modeling in Paint, a new game mode that is designed to deliver an optimal gaming experience, and some additional gaming features that are clearly intended to create a closer link between Windows 10 and the Xbox.

There are no major updates Windows 10 updates expected for another six months. However, as has become standard practice, newer builds will be released to Insiders.