With offices all over the globe and over 1100 users, Cambro was looking for assistance migrating to Office 365 and with help reducing their growing server farm.

I.T. Responsive was able to provide projects services to migrate all of their end users from an aging Exchange 2007 environment to Microsoft Office 365.

I.T. Responsive worked with Cambro’s IT department to implement a new private cloud infrastructure and dramatically consolidate their server footprint using virtualization.

Cambro began to utilize the I.T. Responsive ticketing system and endpoint management solutions. Before long Cambro implemented the entire I.T. Responsive ResponsiveCare suite of products and services and has the ability to work tickets directly with ITR engineers.

Cambro has seen a dramatic increase in efficiency and end user satisfaction. Would you like your company highlighted here in our “Client Spotlight”? Then give us a call today at 888-963-6535.