It comes as no surprise that competitors have made a beeline to jump onto the success of Amazon’s Echo by introducing their own offerings and Google is no different.

Google Home recently entered the market and has certainly put the cat among the pigeons. In fact, it seems that Google Home can do almost anything the Echo does, but can it beat Amazon Echo to the market leader position?

The Echo is the pricier option at $180 (USD) versus $130 for Home. But aside from the cost, what other differences can you expect?

In many ways, the rivals are equally matched. Both the Echo and Home offer great games, quirky one-liners, can be connected to your home system, and offer reliable in-built microphones that effectively detect spoken commands from across the room, even when there is a bit of background noise. However, if you’re listening to music at a high volume, you will experience some issues communicating with both.

One area in which Home has the edge over Echo is that you can also use Home to control your TV if you have a Chromecast video streamer. Literally, all you need to do is name your favorite show, and you can sit down and watch it. In the same way as you can with music, you can also rewind, fast forward, and pause streaming through voice-activated commands alone.

In terms of understanding context, again, there’s not much in it. Both Home and Echo exhibit a relatively good conversational awareness with Home perhaps having a slight edge over Echo. However, as a personal assistant, Alexa is much more comprehensive with its immense third-party support functionality, which consists of more than 3000 skills.

If there is any area in which Echo’s two-year head start stands out, it is its smart home control functionality, which is significantly enhanced by Amazon’s vast network of smart home platform partnerships. However, the competition is only just starting to heat up, and Google has shown every sign that Home is a device in which they will be investing heavily in the future.

Whether you choose to purchase Google Home or Amazon’s Echo, you will not be disappointed. Both are solid devices that offer reliable functionality that will make your life just that little bit easier. While Alexa’s two-year head start means it has the edge for now, Google Home is certainly not to be ignored. If there’s one thing for sure, the game is on.