In 2013, over 100 billion business e‐mails were sent every day. According to the RadicaƟ Group, that number is expected to exceed 132 billion e‐mails per day by 2017.

That means approximately 100 e‐mails hit your in‐box per day. No wonder it’s so hard to keep your in‐box relaƟvely clean.  Here are some tools that can help:

Mailbox ‐ Mailbox makes it easy to organize your in‐box from your smartphone. You can quickly archive, delete or save messages for later. You can even add e‐mails to your to‐do list so you never forget about a message you don’t have Ɵme to address when it first arrives.

The Email Game ‐ The Email Game turns responding to and archiving e‐mails into – you guessed it – a game. Skip an e‐mail and you lose 25 points; respond to one and you gain 175 points. You can also challenge yourself to sort through your e‐mail in a set time period. ‐ Sorting through all the e‐mail you’ve subscribed to (or been subscribed to) can be tough. This service takes all your subscription‐based e‐mails and transforms them into a daily digest.

SaneBox ‐ SaneBox moves unimportant e‐mails out of sight so you can focus on your most important tasks. SaneBox uses an algorithm to filter through your e‐mails and put non essentials into a folder for you to look at later; that way you can focus on the important stuff.

Active Inbox ‐ If you use Gmail, Active Inbox turns e‐mail into a task management system. You can categorize tasks as “action,” “waiting on” or “overdue.” If you need something done on a certain day, you can schedule it on your calendar and receive a reminder.