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November 2014

  • Family Online Safety - It is a fact that most kids are constantly challenging our knowledge and belief about technology and how it fits into their lives. There are both, joys and dangers surrounding the internet. As they navigate their way around the www, finding new game sites, downloading music, communicating with friends through their social network and texting, it really comes down to Continue Reading
  • Here’s A Perfectly Legal Way For You To Save A Bundle Of Money On Taxes While Updating Outdated Computer Equipment, But You Have To Act FAST… - Here’s A Perfectly Legal Way For You To Save A Bundle Of Money On Taxes While Updating Outdated Computer Equipment, But You Have To Act FAST… Please forgive me for the headline if it seems a bit “sensational,” but I really needed a way to get your attention about a perfectly legal way to save quite a bit of money Continue Reading
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Set To Expire In 2015 - Microsoft has announced that as of July 14, 2015, it will discontinue support for its 11-year-old server operation system, Server 2003. This follows in the wake of its recent discontinuation of support for Windows XP this past spring. Failure to upgrade your server off of this operating system dramatically increases any company’s cyber-security risks. With server migrations taking on average Continue Reading
  • Refer Our Services And We’ll Donate $100 To Your Favorite Charity! - We love having you as a customer and, quite honestly, wish we had more like you! So instead of just wishing, we’ve decided to hold a special “refer a friend” event during the Simply refer any company with <10> or more computers to our office to receive a FREE Computer Network Assessment (a $397 value). Once we’ve completed our initial Continue Reading
  • Shiny New Gadget Of The Month - Pebble Steel does more than just tell the time – this smart watch displays e-mail, text messages, caller ID and other notifications from your favorite apps, reading them straight from your iPhone or Android phone. Pebble cleverly vibrates on your wrist to alert you of incoming calls, meeting reminders or approved notifications. Leave your phone in your pocket as you Continue Reading
  • The Lighter Side: How Balloons Teach Teamwork - Once, in a seminar of about 50 people, the speaker decided to change his presentation to prove a point. He decided to do a group activity. He gave each person a balloon and asked them to write their names on it with a marker. All the balloons were gathered up and put into a small room. The attendees were all Continue Reading
  • Two Basic Ways to Determine the Size of Your Market - Understanding the size of a potential market is all-important. If a market is too small, you can’t make money, no matter how innovative your products or competitive the pricing. That’s where a market analysis comes in. Here are two basic methods: Top-down analysis: Determine the total size of the market and then estimate your share of that market. Here ’s Continue Reading

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