• App Of The Month: Microsoft Staffhub - Frontline staff workers typically work on the go, with no office or desk from which to check their emails and share important information. Traditionally, frontline employees depended on paper records and bulletin boards to communicate with one another or schedule staff coverage. All that has changed with Microsoft StaffHub, a Windows 365 app. that helps […]
  • Five Effective Lead Generation Strategies to Consider in 2017 - Looking to grab new leads? Forget the more traditional marketing approaches. The majority of them are no longer as effective as they once were. Instead, try something new. Here are five extremely effective lead-generation strategies for 2017. Blogs Although the suggestion to start a blog is hardly groundbreaking, it remains one of the best methods […]
  • Question Of The Month: What’s the best way to store old data? - Answer: Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and this means that you’re going to need to keep abreast of developments if you were to access your data for generations to come. The best data backup strategies are those that cover all the bases by using more than one backup system. This means that you can […]
  • The Truth About Data Privacy: Are Your Devices Tracking More Than you Know - Companies are legally obliged to protect your data and privacy, right? Read the small print that comes with the products and services you subscribe to, and you may just find yourself in for a shock. Take the PlayStation, for example. According to Sony’s privacy policy, Sony may share any non-personal data and behavioral statistics with […]
  • Three Ways the Cloud Can Propel Your Small Business to the Next level - The cloud has changed the way we do business and allows contemporary small enterprises to connect better with customers, innovate more rapidly, and access customers all over the world. Organizations are moving more and more of their business operations to cloud-based platforms in a bid to take advantage of the speed, flexibility, and engagement opportunities […]

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