• Are You Getting “Scroogled” By Google? - If you use Google for search, Gmail for e-mail or an Android phone as your smart phone then, according to Microsoft, you’re getting “scroogled” daily! What exactly does that mean? Well, according towww.scroogled.com, it means that Google systematically uses your private information that it collects online through your search, your emails, your Android app store […]
  • I’m Just A [Insert Your Title Here] Who Can’t Say No - Whether or not you’re familiar with the song from the classic musical Oklahoma, I find that this is an applicable title in the world of today’s entrepreneur and busy executive. Macro-multitasking is just as significant a problem as the garden-variety, moment-by-moment multitasking. Macro-multitasking is the splitting of one’s attention across many different projects, businesses, ventures, […]
  • New Legal Reasons Why All Businesses Need An E-mail Archiving And Management System - It’s a classic he-said, she-said case that ends up in court on a daily basis… Widget buyer Ms. Robinson testified that Mr. Smith, the Widgets Corp. sales manager, told her that if she put her order in immediately, the price would be discounted by 20 percent. Mr. Smith argued that that was not what he […]

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