• Are Your E-mail Messages Ego-centric? - New research shows that when most people communicate via e-mail, they’re not thinking about how the other person will process the informa-tion, but are communicating egocentrically. According to the article, “Think your e-mails are clear? Maybe not,” by Joh-nathan Silverstein on the ABC News website, egocentric means that people are approaching an e-mail purely from […]
  • Could Terrorists Really Use Software To Crash Your Car? - A recent AOL online article titled “The Scary Truth Of How Terrorists Could Crash Your Car” freaked a lot of people out by implying that terrorists could easily hack into your car’s computer systems and wreck your car (or hundreds of cars at a time) at speeds exceeding 100 mph. While that is a scary […]
  • Don’t Be a Domino Pusher - You can line up DOMINOS in a beautiful pattern and spend hours doing it … but all you have to do to knock them all down is PUSH over the first one (the lead domino) and the rest will follow. The same is true about a business. You can spend years and years building up […]
  • Which Of These 4 Cloud Computing Solutions Is The Right Fit For You? - Most likely you’ve heard all of the commotion around cloud computing and know that it’s the “Next Big Thing” in business technology. Yet, despite all of the hype, most businesses really don’t understand exactly what cloud computing is and what it could do to help their business. “What are my op-tions?” and “What is right […]

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