• Amazon Echo Versus Google Home: The Showdown - It comes as no surprise that competitors have made a beeline to jump onto the success of Amazon’s Echo by introducing their own offerings and Google is no different. Google Home recently entered the market and has certainly put the cat among the pigeons. In fact, it seems that Google Home can do almost anything […]
  • Android Family Link Puts Parents’ Minds at Rest - Being a parent in the digital age certainly brings with it some interesting challenges. But fortunately, you now have a new tool to add to your arsenal in the form of Android Family. Now that Google has officially lifted the ban on children under the age of 13 opening accounts, they have introduced a new […]
  • News Bytes - IRS Warns of Tax Preparer’s Scam The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has warned tax professionals and payers to be vigilant amid a new wave of scams. As the 2017 tax season comes to a close, a new scam has emerged in which thieves send an email posing as the taxpayer and instruct the preparer to […]
  • Protect Your Office 365 Data with Multi-Factor Authentication - Today’s hackers are getting increasingly sophisticated and, frustratingly, better and better at what they do. They have extended their methods beyond the use of phishing attacks to access your devices or systems or stealth installations of Trojans on your operating network. The sad truth is that every time you install a new app onto your […]
  • Question of the Month - Question: Is the Google ChromeCast Ultra Really Worth the Price Tag?  Answer: Google recently announced the launch of Chromecast Ultra, the next in line after Chromecast 2 in its range of media streaming dongles. But is it worth the price tag? While both devices are aesthetically very similar from a design perspective, Chromecast Ultra certainly […]
  • SOFTWARE OF THE MONTH: MUSICBEE - MusicBee is a freeware media player that makes it easy for you to organize, access, and manage all your music files on your mobile phone, portable device, or computer.  It supports all common music formats and can be fully integrated with Last.fm and other popular music blogs. Upload your music to MusicBee and the app […]

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