• 5 Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Computer For Maximum Performance - With Spring in the air, now is a good time to do an annual clean up of the computers, servers and electronic equipment in your office, both inside and out. Failure to thoroughly clean your computers and servers at least once or twice a year will result in decreased performance and possibly even system failures. […]
  • BYOD or COPE? Do You Allow Employees To Use Their Own Devices For Work? - The evolution of personal mobile devices and the rise of how necessary they are to business success these days are forcing many small business owners to make a choice. BYOD or COPE? Or “Bring Your Own Device” vs. “Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled”. The Typical Solution – BYOD. According to the CDW 2012 Small Business Mobility […]
  • Is Microsoft’s New Cloud Based Office Licensing Model Going To Affect Your Business? - Microsoft announced earlier this year that they are going to place all of their Microsoft Office desktop and cloud-based Office 365 software applications under one umbrella in a renewed effort to push their cloud-based subscription model. Microsoft will still sell their existing desktop versions, but these will not be as “fully featured” as the upcoming […]
  • Prepared, Equipped and Armed with the Right Habits - At the peak of their expansion, Starbucks was opening 7 new stores every day and adding 15,000 employees every week. How did a small coffee shop in Seattle end up with over 17,000 stores and revenues of more than $10 billion, selling $4 coffee in a fancy cup? How did Starbucks build such an incredible […]

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